Concealed for a Purpose


Author/Blogger/ Writer: Katrina Currie Photographer: Hal Todd

In our self-absorbed cultural and the need to be “placed in the front,” it seems that we may have lost the blessings of being the hidden or concealed gems that operate in concert with the Holy Spirit. God declares us as friends (John 15:12-17, John 15:15) in the Bible and he also declares us as soldiers (2 Timothy 2:3). We fight in a realm that is unseen by carnal eyes. As with soldiers in the military, there are those who are out in front, some deployed on special assignments (covertly or overtly), some hidden in total seclusion yet there no one is of lesser value or more important than the other. On April 3, 2017, God began to share a word about the hidden troops. Whether a stay at home mom, someone that is caring for an aging parent, a steward of your family’s time to carve out moments of prayer and to speak over your children, or the person that goes into their job and quietly anoints the office and declares over the safety, production, peace, and prosperity of the souls in the building. Whether you are the person that smiles at the by-passer or the person at the check-out counter, you are significant and God wants you to know: Do not underestimate your impact.


In the early hours of the morning, God impressed on my heart to read biblical passages about Moses’ mother. She understood purpose. Even when the enemy commanded babies to be killed. She took (stewarded) purpose (Moses) and held onto her son and the hope (reflection of the forthcoming Christ/Savior). Moses would lead His people/Israelites out of captivity. She recognized she needed to steward purpose correctly and even amid what, seemed to be, the onslaught of the enemy, she strategized in harmony with the Holy Spirit. She was still able to nourish and nurture purpose (her son) and the enemy (Pharaoh) paid her for caring for purpose – something she was willing to do already.


God illuminated the word and shared that she was not prideful. She knew who she was.  She did not need an audience nor did she have to announce she was Moses’ mother. Many of God’s daughter have not announced who they are. Many of his daughters have travailed, gone through the maturation processes from faith to faith to glory to glory, have prayed and strategized in concert with the Holy Spirit. Many of God’s daughters have nourished and nurture – even when they should have been rightful acknowledged of who they are yet it was God amid them – his hidden soldiers.


Like Pharaoh, the enemy will pay God’s daughters for what they were willing to do all along (Isaiah 61:7-9, Proverbs 6:31). Those things that we have nurtured and poured into – we were unable to walk in a prideful spirit because we turned our focus towards our Father, God, and we have fervently sought after Him – not denying his power and Lordship. Many of his daughters sought how to please the Father as well as how to walk in genuine godly love.


Moses mother placed purpose and released it down a stream (water) and let go as she trusted the HOLY SPIRIT (water) would carry the purpose she birthed to safety.

Daughters you’ve released much – even in great pain and some with great joy – you’ve released to me- says the Father. You all have shown humility and acquired more humility – you have grown daughters – you have grown. I, declares the Father, have raised up purpose in this hour because many daughters were willing to remain hidden and nurture and nourish Purpose: children, marriage, community, building up others, covering others in love, praying and more.


Moses mother was unconcerned about receiving “credit” as she was focused on covering purpose, nurturing and nourishing purpose, & loving purpose because she knew the vision and hope laid in what she bundled up (Purpose) as she sent it to flow down the river. In her submission and willingness to be content in having her identity concealed – she still carried out her purpose. She KNEW her identity and did not need others to acknowledge who she was. Because of her – generations were delivered. She prepared the way. Daughters continue to walk in who you are and the knowing of who you are. Daughters you are impacting legacy!


I sensed this is for so many women/daughters of the Most High God.


Concealed for Purpose
Author, Blogger Katrina Currie was published by K.I.S.H. Magazine

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