BOLD Moves – Territory Expansion


BOLD Moves – Territory Expansion


Queen Jessica
Model: Jessica Wittmayer


As a make-up artist and inspirational beauty blogger, when doing a photo shoot I desire to provide the person a more natural look – not having that “made up” look.  I also make intentional efforts to remain prayerful and seek the Lord’s leading on projects. The photographer, Hal Todd, that I do most of my collaborations with is also prayerful. We are known as Iconic Images Creating Unforgettable Experiences. We are constantly sharing a story about people through our work. We have many requests from models that reach out to us and we sometimes reach out to models. When we reach out to models, it is probably uncommon who we seek out. We are not reserved nor are we limited to the restraints of height, weight, age, or race. We love to be unhindered and diverse because it reflects our belief system. Heaven will be diverse, we are all created in the likeness and image of God, and we all reflect his masterful  handiwork.


Today, I am writing about an amazing Kingdom sister, Jessica Wittmayer. Even as I reached out to Jessica Wittmayer, I had a list of models on the waiting list to shoot with us and it had already proven hard in trying to gain access to dates on our calendars. I could not resist, what was obviously God’s nudge and pull: “Contact Jessica!”  When I finally reached out to her, because she had a prior speaking engagement already on her books, it seemed as if our schedules would conflict. With two other models on the roster that day, I assured her that she had some wiggle room to come a little later and it would not impact our time management at all. I offered that solution to her.  With some reluctance, she explained that she did not want to rush or shortchange the women’s conference where she would present the gospel nor did she want the photographer and I to have our time management compromised for the photoshoot. Unmoved, I could sense God assurance that this is her time to do something new – something bold. I did not know what that meant yet I knew God was stirring my heart to settle hers as well as assure her that all would fall into place.

Jessica Wittmayer is a naturally gorgeous woman who keeps her makeup at a bare minimum. Remember, Hal and I, often stay in the confines of the talent or person seeking our collaboration. As a makeup artist and photographer collaboration, we only go beyond the confines of the talent unless it specifically understood or requested.  Out of the ordinary, I found myself requesting: Jessica would you mind if we ventured to do mostly bolder looks than you may be accustomed too – yet maybe a natural look will be added? I knew her to wear very toned down, natural, and conservative make-up application. We totally respect and welcome people to be themselves and if they want the option to experience something out of their ordinary experience – they present it to us. As crazy as this sounds, I sensed this was a prophetic encounter and these photos would be used to show her natural beauty as well as a bolder side of her. It was if I could sense God using all of us to get out of our comfort zones. I could see her territory expanding and Hal concurred.

Isaiah 43:19 Living Bible (TLB)

19 For I’m going to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it? I will make a road through the wilderness of the world for my people to go home, and create rivers for them in the desert!

I Chronicles 4:10 AMP

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would indeed bless me and enlarge my border [property], and that Your hand would be with me, and You would keep me from evil so that it does not hurt me!” And God granted his request.

Deuteronomy 19:8 NLT  “And if the LORD your God enlarges your territory, as he swore to your ancestors, and gives you all the land he promised them,

Jessica is fashionable which is infused with her graceful modesty. As she progressed in the photo-shoot, standing in her trendy clothes and ascetically bolder make-up application,  Jessica increased confidence grew as each shot was taken.  Prophetically speaking,  one could see that her countenance began to change as she grasped and owned her shoot from set location after set location. Jessica Wittmayer took hold to her new found territory – her bold looks. She found comfort and fun as she was being stretch. God speaks in so many ways to us. On that day, God was anointing her with a fresh wind beyond make-up. As her territory enlarges, she will encounter stretch beyond her comfort, the adventure with God will bless her and others.

Jessica Wittmayer is also a Premier – High Fashion Jewelry Business owner. We believe God is increasing her territory in every arena of her life.

God is doing Bold Moves and Increasing our territory.

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