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As I traveled to come to work, the immense rain showers left me unable to see very clearly. At first, I was18 Wheeler Rain in the left lane traveling at a pretty good speed yet quickly became intimidated by the vehicles speed racing and then slamming on brakes in such slick weather conditions as well as the low visibility. Although I am not a fan of 18-wheeler trucks, I noticed in the right lane, this one, appeared well lit and may prove beneficial to increase my visibility and lessen the likelihood of an accident or possible hydroplane. I convinced myself to abandon the left lane and follow the truck. Going at a reasonable pace & lights viewable through the rain, I became more relaxed. Quickly I noticed that although I felt more at ease, the rain seem to douse my windshield at unfavorable angles. Looking in the left lane, the vehicles still skidding, slamming on brakes, and traveling at high rates of speed gave me clear permission to stay in the right lane.


Suddenly, there was a calm break in the left lane yet as I looked in my rearview mirror I saw vehicles quickly moving in the distance so I didn’t feel comfortable switching lanes. As odd as this may sound, I had an impression in my spirit to take this opportunity to move into the left lane. With eyebrows raised, I questioned this Holy Spirit impression as I was comfortable with, at least, following the lights and the steady pace. Stronger the impression came – an urging unction to switch in the more accelerated lane and I reluctantly did so. Immediately I found that I trusted in just focusing on the lights of the 18-wheeler truck.  As I passed the 18-wheeler I noticed, the dousing rain at unfavorable angles were produced by it as the rain spewed from its sides and wheels. After I passed the truck, now viewable in my rear-view mirror, I noticed the 18-wheeler quickly swerving between lanes without warning (suddenly). What if that impression from the Holy Spirit had not come to me more than once? What if I did not follow the Holy Spirit? My comfort could have caused me to be in an accident or even a fatal one. Although I needed to be in that lane for a season, I was willing to remain stuck and not give an effort when I saw an opportunity to switch lanes due to looking in my rear-view mirror seeing additional vehicles coming in the distance. Sometimes the pain or unfavorable experiences we have had will condition us to give ourselves permission to settle and remain stuck.


There is a SUDDENLY impression to shift to a more accelerated lane the Holy Spirit is impressing. Yes, I know you may have tried last year to get the business license and everything went topsy turvy yet God is saying dust yourself off and go back again.  Take the dust off the business cards and business plans and stop letting the past disappoints blind you from the destination. Do not settle with what they said – what you experienced last time and maybe the time before that and the time before that. You may have been rejected 1000 times yet you just need the right ONE YES! Faith is trusting in the Word of God (truth).  I had settled for following the well lit truck (fact) yet the Truth and the Light (Holy Spirit) was leading me on the correct path.

Yes, the marriage was horrible for 10 years yet this year – God is doing a Suddenly and Accelerating joy in marriage as well as restoring the years the canker worms and locusts destroyed!

Yes it happened! Yes you lost everything! Yes the pain of rejection on your job has been a horrible reality and it seems like someone has black-balled you. Everything and every time you apply you cannot even obtain an interview yet our God is saying switch to the accelerated lane for the lane of comfort is causing you the worse harm and you are settling for just a “get by” when the Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will open doors that no man can shut.

I do not know your circumstance or situation yet God is commanding a switch of lanes that will cause a sudden acceleration!


(Acts 16:25) “And SUDDENLY, there was a great earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken and immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s bands were loosed.


…And in an instant, suddenly, You shall be visited and delivered by the Lord of hosts with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a devouring fire–Isaiah 29:5-6

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