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In Plain View

This is not to beat up or condemn anyone. In fact God gave the word to me so I know it’s for me. I believe when God speaks something to us it is for us first (that is just a principle)

This morning I said it is real cold to Joshua – really cold – dress warm
He went out that wind ? hit him and turned around
Then I said what about hand and feet warmers
He said mom I’ve been using those yet I need those latex gloves
Isaiah, the elder son, keeps saying you need a box ? of latex gloves
I said son
I have the latex gloves yet the gloves are in a plastic bag
As we know it has been cold in South Mississippi with temps in the 20s and some teens – wind chill making it seem in the teens or single digits .
My children Play lacrosse (perhaps they do this in other sports too) Latex gloves under their sports gloves aide in heat (as long as the person isn’t ALLERGIC to latex gloves) I suppose thin winter ❄️ gloves are good too – I don’t know
He was looking for a box ? even though the provision had been made in plain view
I heard God say how many times I provide and deliver – place things in plain View yet because it doesn’t come like we’d like or expect – we overlook the provision ALREADY MADE
Lord Give me Spiritual eyes
Allow me to have your perspective
Allow spiritual growth and not to be so carnal minded or have carnal sight when most needed is spiritual perception, discernment, sight, insight, and leading
Myself and my husband really make great strides to provide for our children (spiritually, emotionally, physically, educationally, recreationally, financial and every area of their lives). I wanted my son to know I was well aware of his request and needs and I had already and intentionally made provisions for him.

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