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Mississippi’s Own Good Doctor

Mississippi’s Own Good Doctor, a Champion for the People


When one has an opportunity to have an exchange with Timothy Quinn, M.D., who is an international influencer and Life Champion of healthcare progression, this exceptional opportunity warrants one to seize it. He and I share Mississippi as our home state and it does my heart good, personally, as well as the residents of our state to see him pouring his life’s focus on the health & well-being of his patients.  With Mississippians as part of the highest rates of disparities in healthcare, Dr. Quinn diligently champions in the fight to improve the healthcare by working with various organizations to increase health awareness and access. Dr. Quinn is a man of faith and embraces his walk  A man with tremendous compassion and vision this strategic and conscientious leader is changing the course of the medical field in Mississippi.

You can easily find Dr. Timothy M. Quinn, a Family Physician, serving patients at Quinn Healthcare LLC located in the Metro Jackson Community of Ridgeland, Mississippi which he founded in 2010 and serves as the Medical Director. Quinn Healthcare LLC has serviced almost 25,000 patients since it opens it’s doors of service in 2010.


As Executive Director of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba’s Medical Task Force for a Healthier Jackson, our Mississippi’s Capital State, what  has been your greatest influence?


As the executive director of Mayor Lumumba’s Task Force for a Healthier Jackson, I am proud to say that we have started phase one of our mission to make our city a healthier place. Disproportionately, our state, to include our city, is adversely affected by cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, this is also the case for other diseases to include diabetes. Our state, to include our city, is ranked as one of the most overweight populations in our nation. As a part of the solution, our task force is fighting these problems by going into the faith based organizations to conduct screenings for elevated blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. We are working directly with the local medical school to utilize volunteer students to conduct the screenings. This allows these young medical professionals the opportunity to go out into the community and provide potentially lifesaving screenings and education to the people screened. We also provide instruction on how to follow up in the clinics associated with the university for those that don’t have a medical home.


What or how do you plan to not only impact our state’s capital city of Jackson, yet the entire state of Mississippi? 


I am working directly with the Mississippi State Medical Association, and have been recently awarded the opportunity to serve as the Diabetes Prevention Program Educator for the Diabetes Prevention Project with the American Medical Association and the National Association of Chronic Disease Disorders. The purpose of this project is to increase awareness about pre-diabetes and the National Diabetes Prevention Programs and CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs. The purpose of this organization is to increase screening, testing, and referral of those with and at risk for type 2 diabetes. This is my latest opportunity to continue my campaign to make my state healthier.


Dr. Quinn you provide a lot of educational resources and treatments to patients of all ages. What are your top five concerns regarding the health of our state?


The top concerns I have regarding the health of our state are the lack of access and education. We have a very high mortality rate from many medical conditions that can be avoided with early intervention. Due to less access in our state and the lack of understanding of the importance, many of my fellow Mississippians go undiagnosed and untreated. This results in potentially reversible medical conditions being diagnosed at late irreversible stages. This unfortunately is an unnecessary death sentence for many. As part of the remedy for the lack of education, I have implemented an aggressive campaign to increase awareness. This includes a resolution that is currently being voted on the state senate, and

has already passed the state house. This resolution will declare the month of August 2018 as take your children for a physical awareness month for our state. This will help bring awareness to the importance of children’s physicals.



Quinn Healthcare and the Dr. Timothy Quinn name has become a staple, a brand if you will, in homes, communities, television & public appearance, and magazines. People are literally calling on you  not only statewide yet worldwide for your expertise as well as being a forerunner. What is the future for Dr. Timothy Quinn?

Dr. Quinn’s Blueprint

I contribute two live radio interviews weekly to increase awareness of the aforementioned campaigns. One of the radio programs is on a station that serves an inner city young hip hop audience. During my weekly radio interview as the “Hip Hop Medical Minute Doc” we address timely information, but present it in a fun enjoyable presentation. I also contribute to several print and online publications with medical informative topics. I currently have an aggressive social medical campaign with health informational content to include my Facebook page, Dr. Timothy Quinn. I provide many speeches and seminars in my community at various programs for various organizations. My approach is a hand on personal interaction with my community to increase awareness.


I heard your speech at Delta Tech and you mentioned about staying humble. Many of us have witnessed God expanding your territory. Could you share how honoring your relationship with Christ has catapulted your life as well as having such a spirit of humility?


My relationship with Christ has catapulted my campaign. Christ has allowed me to understand my purpose, and given me the tools needed to accomplish His will. Everyone has a purpose, and the opportunity to fulfill my God given purpose is a formula for success and the greatest fulfillment of one’s life.


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