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Written by Hal Todd – Guest Blogger

I have to be obedient and share what the LORD GOD through the Holy Spirit commanded me to share with His People.

People like to say “GOD won’t put more on you than you can handle” – the Spirit of the LORD says this is incorrect – GOD will absolutely put more on you than you can handle – what the Spirit says is that “The LORD GOD will not put more on you than His Son Jesus Christ can handle.”

Since Jesus can handle It All – it’s no telling what will be put on us!

GOD remembered me of my weightlifting days. I truly did not grow unless I was lifting weights that I could not handle. When I was lifting weights I could handle – it was easy!

What was the difference between weights I could not handle and weights I could – the “Spotter”!!

The “Spotter” would stand over me so when the weights got too much, and my arms began to shake, and I was worried about the weights coming crashing down on me – the “Spotter” would say – “I got you!” The “Spotter” would reach down with His Hands and easy the burden of weights just enough for me to finish lifting it – why do all this – GROWTH!

Growth does not happen when we are doing something easy, or when we “can handle it.” It happens after the workout with the “Spotter” and you wake up the next morning sore, feeling like you just got out of a fight! But within a few days, you can tell you are stronger – more powerful – more confident!

GOD won’t put more on us than we can handle? It’s really not about us. It’s about Jesus – and how no matter what is put on us – He is capable and willing to handle It All!

GOD asks – “Will we let His Son Jesus be our “Spotter” day and for evermore!”

Praise GOD for His WORD, Bless His Spirit for the Anointing and Love our Savior Jesus Christ for always bringing us through!

I tagged as many people as Facebook would allow – Please share in the Name of Jesus!

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