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Declare A Thing! A Radical Love Affair

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My husband and I co-authored a devotional and we would like to make this book available to the faith community and public for free. If the book meets your standards and approval, please keep this email in your records for free use. My husband and I have been through everything from illnesses, abandonment, betrayal, financial crisis, to heart-ache, deception. We have seen God’s hand raise us, his love to shine on us that our countenance has changed, and he has energized us with His empowering presence. We have become radiant and expressive of his love through him.


Declare A Thing! A Radical Love Affair
28 Day Prayer Devotional
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This is a 28-day prayer journey to partake in daily scripture and prayer as couples will experience their own experiences, revelations, and God-experiences.

Declare a Thing! is the personal covenant journey to get in the face of God, hear from God, and experience God in new ways.

Declare a Thing! isn’t a prayer devotional that will overly interject the authors’ revelations or personal experiences. At the heart of this prayer devotional is that Declare a Thing! strengthens couples. The authors desire for couples to have the leading of God through this journey, have listening ears, pliable hearts, and teachable spirits, for the blossoming and maturation of each union. We (Katrina and Malcolm) have been earnestly worked to complete our first co-authored project. Together we have created a piece for the marriages of today. It is our hope that once our intended audiences have completed this journey through Declare A Thing! they would have found new ways to solidify their love foundation, through God’s Word.

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