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Slay The Fight, Jennifer Amores’ Battle with Cervical Cancer

Jennifer Amores

I remember walking with little strength and limited mobility in this particular store. Saying within myself, I need some help. At the time, Jennifer Amores was working in that store, and as if she was a God sent angel, she began to help me. At that time, I suffered from Systemic Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and a plethora of other autoimmune diseases that caused excruciating pain and negatively impacted my mobility. What struck me about our encounter, was more about her positive attitude. From that day forward, we formed a bond.

Over the years, Jennifer and I would share laughs, pain, joys, and encouragement. If you have ever been her presence, you begin to quickly understand that nothing is more important to her than her family. It became more and more evident that she immensely loves them. Everything about how hard she worked and the long hours she placed into how she planned her off time – belonged to strengthening and building her family.

A few months ago, I received a call that would bring tears of sadness yet a roar that would unleash a more powerful lioness than before. This time, Jennifer would be in a fight to slay cervical cancer. It seems as though her body betrayed the visions, goals, and investment that she had worked so hard to obtain. Years of strengthening and building her family were at risk of ending. It was as if her body wanted to rob her precious time with the people she loves and those who love her. Her body nor the vicious cervical cancer could have imagined that she would be the unrelenting fighter to slay this disease at its core and make her body come to submission under the power of Jesus Christ.

This quite storm, Jennifer Amores, would become a force to be reckoned with. One hospital told her to get prepared for hospice and sternly said there was nothing they could do. Being the wise woman of faith she is, she sought another opinion. Their report was similar. She said deep within, if I am going to fight, I am seeking out the best. Through Christ’s intervention to reach out to MD Anderson, the restoration of hope became evident. They provided her a different perspective and insight.

With all that I have shared about this tremendous fighter, I pray that you will LIKE, SHARE, and DONATE to help Jennifer Amores slay Cervical Cancer. Her CASHApp is $JENAMOR. She will be selling shirts shortly.


  1. Kimberly Linder

    This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful strong woman. I have never been more proud to call her my friend. I could only hope to be half as strong as she is on a daily basis. Sending my prayers to her and her beautiful daughters.

    1. Katrina Currie Post author

      Jennifer is truly amazing friend and being.

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