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The Love Story of Grace

Our intimate journey with Christ is full of Him expressing and exposing more of his grace in our everyday lives. I was speaking with a friend who shared a very violent past. Parents that made some horrible choices that caused a lot of determent to this person as a child and as a middle-aged adult, years of dysfunction, seemingly has paralyzed as though left trapped in the past. The person began to share their flaws and paused because I seemed undaunted by their issues. Then stated, you aren’t going to beat me up, correct me, tell me how horrible of a Christian I am. My reply, I need God’s grace and you need God’s grace. I am not about throwing you away yet building you up through Christ.  What you are sharing with me is that you, as I and as we all, have mismanaged some areas in life. We are all…



  canvas   Today, I was inspired to write this blog post by capturing my 15-year-old son’s reflection of his daily devotional. We ask our son, Joshua Currie, to read a passage of scripture and/or devotional and share his reflection on what he has read. It does not have to be a thesis or dissertation. In fact, he can send myself and my spouse a quick text, at least a paragraph, to share his thoughts on what is unlocked for him as he reflects on what he has read. 1 Listen to my words, O Lord, give heed to my sighing and groaning. 2 Hear the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to You do I pray. 3 In the morning You hear my voice, O Lord; in the morning I prepare [a prayer, a sacrifice] for You and watch and wait [for You to speak to my heart]….


OVERBOARD a story of Disobedience & Coming Clean with God

        Years ago the Lord gave me an idea for a blog. I played it safe – very safe. I went on a free website and convinced myself I was being frugal – a good steward. There, I did it Lord.. I have obeyed what you have told your daughter to do ( I even had my son to draw Jesus, knowing his touch – his love, his presence is ever touching and changes lives. Boundless Touch,  an appropriate name and one that I felt God leading me to use. Although I had skimped on investing for paid website hosting as a “good steward,” I still desired things to look polished, done in a spirit of excellence. That meant having great photos and content. Yet I had no budget for photographers, models, fashion designers, location scouts, set designers and other gifted individuals that I sensed that I…