Courtship Reconciliation


Tying in my God-given talent as a professional makeup artist in all media mediums & production as well as my passion & prayer ministry to see marriages restored.

The idea is to take  marriages that are struggling and take these couples to either a resort, bed and breakfast, or a relaxed spa hotel resort as well as a Christian faith-based setting by allowing them to receive Godly counsel. We will call on special guess & professionals as needed. The couples will go on dates, rediscover one another, and grow intimately during this precious time of rebuilding. As a pro makeup artist I am on hand to provide my services. Image & styling makeovers of both spouses will be provided. So the couple will get makeovers in almost every form imaginable & armed with the tools to reclaim their marriages too.
If part of the reason for marital issues are extra marital affairs… the person or persons involved in affairs cannot have any contact of those trespassing on their relationship for 90 days — its all about fighting for their marriage… we have hopes after receiving tools for their marriage that all ties will be severed from relationships outside of the marital covenant.
At the conclusion – the couples will bring in their suitcases –
This is symbolic of them stating we are no longer hiding our stuff… we’ve been armed with tools to fight for our marriage and not just survive yet thrive
The world needs to see this for the mere fact that marriages are being abandoned and dissolved every day and many people find themselves wanting out after a few days, a couple years, and even long-term marriages fall prey. Others can learn and use the information and tips for saving their marriages. The goal of this show is that marriages won’t be just salvage and surviving yet they will be transformed to prosperous and thriving marriages. This show will possibly bring dialogue in relationships- married, unmarried and good conversation between people. This show will possibly answer questions and/or problems that viewers have been dealing with or seeking out themselves.