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Slay The Fight, Jennifer Amores’ Battle with Cervical Cancer

Jennifer Amores

I remember walking with little strength and limited mobility in this particular store. Saying within myself, I need some help. At the time, Jennifer Amores was working in that store, and as if she was a God sent angel, she began to help me. At that time, I suffered from Systemic Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, and a plethora of other autoimmune diseases that caused excruciating pain and negatively impacted my mobility. What struck me about our encounter, was more about her positive attitude. From that day forward, we formed a bond. Over the years, Jennifer and I would share laughs, pain, joys, and encouragement. If you have ever been her presence, you begin to quickly understand that nothing is more important to her than her family. It became more and more evident that she immensely loves them. Everything about how hard she worked and the long hours she placed into how…